The Mug Hugger! A must have product for any coffee/tea drinker!

Does your coffee or tea become cold after only 15 minutes? Simply microwave the Mug Hugger for 90 seconds and enjoy your hot chocolate, coffee, tea, or soup for up to an hour!

Key Features

  • Keeps coffee, tea and other beverages warm
  • Helps to stabilize your hot beverage to avoid spills
  • ECO-FRIENDLY – Non-electric device
  • Fits any mugs 3.5 inches in diameter or smaller
  • Takes up minimal desk space
  • Very Durable
  • *Mug NOT included


Mug Hugger - Why all the rave?

My dogs love my attention when I finally sit down to enjoy my coffee. Unfortunately, they inevitably bump the table where I keep my mug of coffee. Since I got the mug-hugger – NO MORE SPILLS! -JD, Colorado


When my husband and I take our RV out on road trips, we like to sip our coffee while enjoying the night. I found the mug-hugger on and thought I would give it a try. I LOVE it and it works great! -BR, Texas

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