Projects tagged with 'application'

OrCAD Start Page
As most programs do these days, when OrCAD Capture starts up, the user immediately sees a page that has many different utilities that allow the user to quickly get into what they want to do with the program. The start page that I worked on seamlessly connects with the internal, local side of the program, with standard features such as a recent files list or new/open buttons, but also has sections that allow users to see dynamic, server-hosted content about new features, and download compatible design files from external sources.
Autonomous Vehicle System Simulation
My graduate capstone project, simulating how an autonomous vehicle system might behave. Users can create maps with roads and vehicles, set vehicles destinations, then set the map running and watch them go. The majority of the simulation is programmed in Flash, content is saved in a MySQL database, with administration handled by Drupal.
Humans vs Zombies
A contagion model programmed in Flash that depicts the typical "humans vs zombies" war. The model is programmed in "decision space", in which agents are continually making decisions to bring them "closer" or "farther" away from their targets. This takes away the necessity to consider pathing algorithms, 3d space, and considering an agent's scope of vision. There is a wide assortment of features and variables that can be tweaked as well, for the user to play with.