Projects tagged with 'database'

Autonomous Vehicle System Simulation
My graduate capstone project, simulating how an autonomous vehicle system might behave. Users can create maps with roads and vehicles, set vehicles destinations, then set the map running and watch them go. The majority of the simulation is programmed in Flash, content is saved in a MySQL database, with administration handled by Drupal.
Dyer Arts Center
A website created in Drupal to advertise NTID's beautiful art gallery and hosted events. The site has several panoramic QuickTime movies (QTVRs) that show off the space for potential artists to get a feel of the space, as well as an extensive database of the gallery's collection.
Substance and Alcohol Intervention Services for the Deaf
A department website at Rochester Institute of Technology. There is a massive database of intervention services that can be easily filtered and sorted through, as well as several customized online diagnostic tests that can be taken.